How To Build A Website


I will try to keep this brief while touching upon basics in web design. If you click on images as well as clickable links below it will give you further information on that topic.

Registering A Domain

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the domain you choose is available, my account and domain is registered with GoDaddy. Another important variable is making sure that once your account is active that you take the time to properly label your "Contact Information" which is four records "Registrant", "Administrative", "Technical", and "Billing". Here is an example of "WHOIS database record" without private registration to verify information affiliated with the domain name you now own and are liable for.

Designing & Hosting

Weebly is a great place to start a new Website even you have absolutely no knowledge at all. They will guide you through every step of the way to creating your very own Website for business or any other purpose. You can buy and register your own domain directly from Weebly or configure your own zone records with a Domain Register such as GoDaddy. Weebly will not only Host your website it will also let you edit and design your very own website to suit whatever your desire may be. Create an account with Weebly and they will make it extremely easy to getting started, and up running in no time at all.


Weebly can be configured for Desktop as well as Mobility, but with Duda Mobile it can automatically "Convert any Desktop to a Mobile Website." Duda also offers you the opportunity to not only host,create from templates, and edit; You can have both a desktop and a completely mobile website as well. I have used both Weebly and Duda personally I think they are great tools in Designing, Hosting, and Mobilizing your very own Website.

Home Webserver

If you ever wanted to create a Webserver in your own home, I would recommend Apache Lounge. It would take time and research to actually build and configure your own Webserver but it is definately pretty awesome. You could also use Free Website Templates to get you started in your Webdesign as well once your host is up and running. I also recommend Notepad++ as an absolute necessity for editing your source code.

Last Thoughts

There is alot more that can be said on these topics, I figured I would touch on the subject in order to "Give Due Credit" as to not "Anger the Gods" who helped make my Webdesign possible. Thanks All!!!

Now the "Facebook Human Sacrifices" to appease Minotaur the "Guardian of Hades!!!"